What is in a name?

Much of our work is trans-formative and disruptive!  We continually strive to expand the limits of equipment, technology, and using materials in ways never before considered.  Our goal is to always exceed expectations, while delivering tangible and viable solutions.

OBSIDIAN is a tangible material found and used throughout the world, and all of history. It has proven viability from its earliest uses which disrupted and trans-formed the Stone Age, humankind’s first technological age, until today where it still used to produce surgical instruments, sharper than what a laser can produce. 

From its initial discovery it has been used in weapons, medical instruments, tools, jewelry, art, religion and economic trade.  Early tribes near volcanic activity found that this mysterious, black glass made sharper, lighter weight, more accurate tools and superior weapons that gave them an advantage in both gathering food and against their enemies.  It is consistently found in archeological sites of prehistoric caves, as well as, in the Pyramids of Egypt, ceremonial sites of the Aztec and Incas and hunting grounds of all peoples throughout the world.

We believe OBSIDIAN embodies who we are and what we do.

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